Our shelters are solid steel, install flat under the floor of your garage or carport (you park your vehicle on top of it), and take up no space from your usable area and you do not have to get out in the storm to use your shelter!

Steelsafe shelters meet and exceed all grant requirements and we provide: engineer stamped drawings and permits by a licensed contractor to assist you.

A Steelsafe Underground Shelter:

Have peace of mind when considering a shelter. Professional equipment + Professional crew = Great installed results!

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Besides The Obvious Fact That Our Shelters Meet and/or Exceed All FEMA and EMA Requirements, A Few Additional Benefits Are:

We meet and/or exceed all the FEMA and EMA requirements to ensure that you are protected in a storm.

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Contractor/Installer Information

We have up to one-million dollar general liability coverage and workman’s comp insurance. Our TN license is #35802.

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Wind Speed Test

Our SteelSafe Shelters have been tested with winds up to 250mph to ensure that your shelter provides protection from wind-borne debris.

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Steel Exterior Storm Shelter

Our steel underground storm shelter for the outside of your home is currently in engineering and will soon be going through testing, and then to production. We expect to be fully in production and installing these units by the first part to middle of August.

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