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    Important Notes: 1) Primary location on site will determine in cooperation with Excel Builders Representative and Client. 2) We are not responsible for shrubbery, landscaping, sprinkler system, underground utilities, pipes or cables. 3) Any adverse ground conditions such as rock or sandstone that requires additional labor will incur additional charges than those specified above at the rate of $100 per hour as manual jackhammers is required. 4) It is recommended by the factory and priced that the shelter will be installed beginning at 16" inside the garage/carport. This allows access without moving your vehicle and also keeps our excavator from entering inside garage/carport.

    Acceptance: By submitting the form you agree that the above prices, specifications, and terms are satisfactory and fully accepted. Excel Builders is authorized to perform the above work as specified. All deposits are non-refundable. You fully agree with the terms and conditions of this contract.
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